Trevor David Black

Trevor David Black

Rendering Engineer

I am a rendering engineer in the California bay area.

Wearer of many hats. I write and edit multiple texts on graphics programming.



Grass is younger than trees. A lot younger.

It's sometimes said that sharks are older than trees. According to Wikipedia, sharks are 439 million years old, whereas trees are 385 million years old. You may already be familiar with this delightful fact. Well it turns out that they both have grasses significantly beat.

Again, according to Wikipedia, grass as a clade may only be 100 to 113 million years old


The KHR version of Vulkan functionality may not be as universal as the non-KHR version.

While dealing with vkGetPhysicalDeviceImageFormatProperties2 I realized that I was working with a device and a test case where the instance was not storing the function pointer for the 2KHR command but was for the base 2 command. This struck me as odd since the KHR version is almost always older than the core version. In this case the command was made core in vulkan 1.1, whereas it previously existed in the extension VK_KHR_get_physical_device_properties2.

I had hither-to-for been assuming that the older KHR command would have wider support, and that it was safer to query for that one alone. Well, no, there are many situations where a device will support the newer core version without the previous extension. The test or app also needs to enable the extension, which this particular test did not.

The only safe thing is to check for both and use whichever comes up.


I can do a 10 rep squat with 75 kilograms.


Hurricanes can make land over California.

As I type Hurricane Hillary is on the way to the California coast after spending multiple days sitting over the Mexican coast.